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【About Us】

Shenzhen Jinhaohui Development CO., Ltd andShenzhen Jinlonghui Industrial Co., Ltd founded in 2000 are within the samecorporate. Jinlonghui became the shareholder of Jiangxi Shanggao Fine ChemistryCo., Ltd (founded in 1981 to provide superfine and needle wollastonitepowder) asfounded. In the wake of company development and market demand increase,Jinhaohui has gradually developed into a cutting-edge powder research and productioncompany having independent intellectual property rights in halogen-free flameretardant, flexible thermal-conductive powder and functional filler.

In 2011, Jinlonghui built 20000m2of plants on its purchased land of 30000m2in Huiyang District, Huizhou City in Guangdong and started second-stageindustrial production, having had 4 powder modification and nanometerproduction lines with production capacity at 20000t/a.

The company holds fast to thecore concept of “human and nature harmony” and the commitment of environmentprotection, benefits and responsibility and provides green products what arebeneficial to human beings. Employee care, social concern and mind shapingconstitute the social responsibility projects of the company, social responsibilityof the company propels sustainable development of the brand. Socialresponsibility activities together with strategic partners are an importantpart of company strategy and will be carried in nationwide in a wish to protectthe environment and the social peace.

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Guangdong production base:Jinhaohui Industrial Park, No. 8, Qiuxi Middle Road, Qiuchang Town, Huiyang District, Huizhou

Service Tel:0752-3916501 3916502